Hallmark Cleaners provides free home pick-up and delivery to many neighborhoods in the Hinds, Madison, and Rankin county area. There is no additional cost for this service and there are no minimum amounts. You do not have to be home for either drop-off or pick-up.

Here’s How It Works:

Routes are scheduled twice each week, on either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday, depending on your location. You will have the same schedule every week. We pick up and drop off both days. For example, if you are on a Monday/Thursday schedule, the clothes picked up on Monday will be returned to you the following Thursday, while clothes picked up on Thursday will be delivered back to your doorstep the following Monday.

You will be given a blue Hallmark Cleaners bag. On your scheduled mornings, place your clothes in the bag and put it at a convenient place for pick-up. When our courteous driver comes to your home and sees the blue bag, he will stop, pick it up, and leave you another bag to be used for your next pick-up.

How to Get Started for Home Route Service:

Call 601-956-9295 and tell our representative that you would like to get set up for free home pick-up and delivery service. After verifying that we offer this service in your area, we will get your name, address, and payment preference--either credit-card-on-file or charge account. You will be billed monthly for your cleaning.

Our representative will also set up your cleaning preferences. For example: laundry shirts: starch preference; ladies slacks: hang by waist or fold over hanger. You can call us at any time to add more preferences or to change an existing preference.

It’s that easy! Call 601-956-9295 Monday-Friday or fill out the form here to get started. Feel free to ask any question that you may have regarding this service.

Our closest location is your front door!

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