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  Customer Conveniences

24-Hour Locker service
Pick up your clothes any time at our Ridgewood Road and Fortification Street locations only.

24-Hour Drop Box
Drop off your clothes any time at our Ridgewood Road location only.

Priority One service
In a hurry?
Our Priority One express service is the solution. Stop by any of our 8 locations and ask for your own red Priority One bag. Put your clothes in it and drop it back off. It’s just that simple. Priority One service includes:
A red Priority One bag listing your name and cleaning preferences.
Prearranged payment options, if desired.
Same-day service when the bag is dropped of by 9 AM Monday – Friday.
No waiting—just leave your bag and be on your way.

In-Car Drive-thru service
At our Highway 51, Ridgeland, location only.

One-day service
Monday - Friday, in by 9:00 AM, out by 5:00 PM at all locations
Saturday hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM at all locations. Clothes dropped off on Saturday will be ready for pick-up on Monday at 5:00 PM.

Free Home Pick-up and Delivery
We come to your home twice weekly to pick up and drop off your clothes. There is no added fee, no minimum amounts, and you do not have to be at home to take advantage of this service. See the Home Delivery section of our website for more information.